Alex Smith
Cartoonist / Webmaster

Lets see, info about me... Well, I was born in Chicago Illinois on December 16th 1984 at 11:17am. It was a cold winter morning and... Haha, just kidding, I don't know THAT much about it :p. Anyway, I went to 5 differnt schools in chicago from first grade to the middle of my second year in highschool, at which point I moved out here, to ANOTHER school. Ha! Beat 6! I dare ya!

People ask me all the time, "So how long have you been making 'George'?". Well, actually, most people refer to 'George' as 'GeorgeCartoon' because of the website address, but 'George' is actually the title of the strip. Anyway, I digress. I've been developing the 'George' cast since second grade. This is how it happend, as best as I can recall all these years later: A girl named Hannah (who's last name escapes me, and if you're name is Hannah and you went to 'Walt Disney Magnet School' in chicago in second grade, email me, I'd love to catch up :) ) and me we're on the floor drawing and she said something to the effect of "wanna see a cool picture?" and I said "Yeah, sure.". She drew a doodle of a cat, and at the time it was the best looking thing I'd ever seen on paper, being that I was facinated with simple drawings that I could actually learn how to draw myself. Anywho, she showed me how to draw it and I started drawing it all the time, changing a little bit each time. Now, those who's first instinct it is to say to me "Hey! You ripped her off!", my answer to you is this: George, which is the name I gave him (influenced by the 'Bugs Bunny' cartoons "I will love him and pet him and care for him and call him George!", and George's name also inspired Bob's name, cause the first name to come to mind when thinking of the name George is Bob. I have a wierd mind :p ), Looks nothing now like he did at first. If you look at the 2 side by side, you can see how they're the same, but other than the first drawing of that cat, I created all the characters, the backgrounds and origens (which I SWEAR I'll have up soon), settings, and storys. She just jump-started my creativity :). For those who are dying to know what the drawing that inspired George looks like, here it is, along with the evolution of Bob and George up till now:

The first 'George' comic strip was made on 4/7/2000 in the middle of one of my freshman classes (which was that school's answer to study hall). Now I had been developing the 'George' cast since second grade, but never befor had they graced the cells of a comic strip (exept a few times I was just skrewing around and I didnt even put words on those). That's the first comic in the archive, and that pic is a scan 2 years later of the actual strip I drew that day. Cool huh? So anyway, throughout 2000 I made around 17 comics, usually to amuse my freinds at school or church back in chicago. In January of 2001 I moved out here to Tempe Arizona, and since I was still adjusting, there are no strips that year. Those 2 years are why the archives skip around so much :p. On January 25th, 2002, I posted the first 'George' comic for the world to see. Even though I'd had the site for a little over 3 years, I had never gotten around to posting any strips, like I had originally intended. I started posting all the strips I had made in 2000, and when I ran out of those, I made a few more every couple of days. On 3/5/2002, started a schedual of daily comic strips without fail until tradjaty struck. On June 10th, 2002, I left for a 2 week vacation, completly planning on post first a seires of guest strips, and then a daily sketch of what I was doing on vacation. Alas, my access to a computer with a net was almost nonexistant, and I became unbearably lazy. On top of that, my domain had gone down for nearly the entire duration of my trip! However, on June 25th, popped back online, and on the 26th, I returned home (well, finnished returning home from a 2 day drive from chicago back here) and started posting daily comics once more! Since then, I havent missed a day, and I dont ever plan to! :D

Er, yeah, i basically missed, like ALL of 2003. sorry about that... ^c^
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