I've been asked my many people how I do my strip. Well, here it is:

Firstly, I use Macromedia Flash5 to create the strip. Each character can consist of up to 30 seprate pieces, like George here:

Don't get any fancy ideas now, thats only one character and I already hold all the copyrights :). Now, usually, when I start to make a new graphic for a prop in the strip, it turns out looking like something Pablo Picasso drew. Take this couch from the 3/12/2002 strip for example:

Next, I seperate the prop into pieces and make them look somewhat like they should:

Then I put it all together and... look, its a couch!:

Now, to do a word bubble, I make 3 parts; the words, the bubble, and the tail:

To make everything look good, I fit the bubble to the text and position the tail. Each piece is in its own group (I colored the bubble and tail as a visual aid to you, I dont actually do that part):

After the text fits, I send the bubble to the back, the tail in the middle, and the text in front (all in the same group). The tail goes on top of the bubble to cover the line, this way I can just reposistion the tail when needed and I dont need to make a new bubble:

Usually I do all this after I have the idea for the strip. It usually comes from somthing that happens to me at work, school, or chatting online.

Next, I start to bring everything together in a template pannel set like this one:

Of course, this is not how I started out making 'George'. It acutally started out hand drawn by me in my freshman year of highschool. George, Bob and many of the other characters (that, for the most part, haven't been introduced into the strip yet) were all created in 2nd grade. Anyway, after a while of posting the hand-drawn strips, it became more and more apparent that my handwriting totally sucks, so I started creating the strip in Flash5. Maybe I should have practiced more in grade school...

And thats it! Thats how 'George' is created daily. If I've left out anything important (I tend to do that alot), or you have any questions or comments, send them to Feedback@GeorgeCartoon.com . I almost never get email from my readers, so you should get a reply quickly. Thanks for reading!
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