You guessed it, this is George, the main character. More about his past to come...
This here's Bob. He took George in when he was just a kitten and they've been together ever since.
This is Bob's twin brother. He likes anything with electricity going through it.
The easter bunny's little sister, Alyssa first came to the house to make a delivery, but ended up prey to one of George's april fools pranks. She hangs around because she thinks he's cute (3/28/2002 - 4/22/2002).
Once upon a time, I decided to visit my comic from time to time, just to skrew around with the cast and deplete thier pepsi supply. One thing led to another and one of them developed feelings for me, so in an effort to make everyone happy (and not look like a dweeb that can only get imaginary dates), I split myself into two parts. This is my strictly cartoon counterpart (3/28/2003 - 7/5/2003).
The reason for Cartoon Alex's existance. How many girls can say THAT about their man? The guys met her at a beach in California while on vacation (7/18/2002 - 8/16/2002).
The author of this comic, the creator of it's universe, and the writer of this description. Yep, that's me.
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